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An odd New Years Day Tradition?

A few years back Ontario Parks launched a campaign called #NewYearsHike - it was a giveaway style campaign. You hike, tag them and use their tag on socials and they were giving away a years park pass!

Naturally we wanted to participate and win that pass even though it was scheduled to be -23 with the wind chill on New Years Day... brr...

We did a small 1.4km hike on that very cold New Years Day and we were HOOKED! We have since done a hike to bring in the new year every year since. We never won the pass but we won something more valuable.. a new tradition!

Now if all that rambling didn't convince you to try your own New Years Hike let me give you a few more reasons:

  • Canadian's spend an average of 90% of their day indoors.. this is a higher number than any other period in history!

  • Time outside improves sleep; the fresh air provides more oxygen to your blood stream improving your rest

  • Reduces risk of heart attack and diabetes by 50%

  • Lowers stress and anxiety

  • Children provided the opportunity to explore nature have: better test scores in school, lower obesity rates and an increase in self worth!

Just 15 minutes a day outside during the winter is proven to improve symptoms of Seasonal Affective Disorder S.A.D.

31 Ontario Parks are open during the winter months, check out this link to find one near you and plan a small New Years Hike to ring in 2022!

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