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Carlie behind withlove_duquettes

Born and raised in Coldwater, Ontario I have always been a small town girl. Growing up I never considered myself to be "outdoorsy" I mean yes, you could find me in the bush behind my parents house hunting down every moss covered boulder and tall pine tree in the forest... but as far as marked hiking trails, camping, exploring new towns or parks I knew nothing at all. 


As an adult I heavily leaned on the outdoors to save me from mental crisis. I have well versed myself in parks, trails, navigation and of course... moss covered boulders and tall pine trees.


When I had children it just made sense for me to bring them outside, we love adventuring near and far but mostly stick to localized travel within Ontario. I have three beautiful children and live in Simcoe County right in the heart of Ontario. I started this blog as a way to share our favourite hikes, falls, camping spots, local businesses, and adventures all over Ontario and to show you it's possible and enjoyable getting outside with kids.


I hope you enjoy and find this resource useful!

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