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Bissett Creek Provincial Park

Updated: Dec 10, 2021

Bissett Creek Provincial Park - Head, Clara and Maria Township, Ontario

Serving as a vital ecological link between Algonquin Provincial Park and the Ottawa River this waterway fell under the Ontario Parks protection in 2006 - we discovered 2 waterfalls in this park as well as countless crown land spots here (shh I didn’t tell you that)

The first waterfall we discovered is the one pictured here, just a short 100m walk from the road this falls was surrounded by massive boulders from the glacial retreat 20,000 years ago! When the weather is warmer this would be an excellent little swimming hole!

The second falls was more of a water slide, I didn’t get any great pictures of it as I was almost carried away by the great Ontarian Mosquito.

Locating this falls was a bit tricky - off highway 17 you turn onto Bissett Creek road for a little over 5kms - then you turn right onto the provincial park road for about 1-2kms - the trailhead is unmarked on the right hand side but on a curve and there is a bit of a shoulder there with space for 1 vehicle. If you make it to the bridge you’ve gone too far.

The trail itself is less than 100 metres and spectacular waterfalls and large boulders!

If you enjoy this one let me know!

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