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Sail the Thunder Bay Harbour

Updated: Dec 23, 2022

We arrived at the Thunder Bay waterfront shortly before 10am, the air was crisp but the sun was shining! We were greeted by our Sailing Captain, Greg and given the safety rules of the boat and what to expect. We donned our life jackets, boarded the sailboat and we were off!

Before long we had cleared the marina, the engine was cut, the sails were out and we were drifting along the Thunder Bay Harbour! For our entire family, including my in-laws this sailing tour was a first for all of us. Captain Greg answered all of our eager first timer questions, gave us a rich history on the city of Thunder Bay, the harbour and the weather on Lake Superior. Plus he even shared some details of the time he sailed his boat from Thunder Bay all the way to Spain in one month!

This tour came recommended to me through social media; I asked what was the best activity for a family in Thunder Bay and plenty of local Thunder Bayians chipped in with a plethora of suggestions, standing out as the most unique was a Sail Superior tour. A quick google search revealed this to be an affordable, unique option - it cost $446 for 6 of us to take the 90 minute tour and it was worth every single cent! Plenty of time options to choose from, from 10am all the way until a sunset tour at 8pm - the staff ensured safety and we never worried about our 7 month old or 7 year old falling off the boat or getting hurt.

You can book a Sail Superior tour online via this link: there are plenty of sailing options for everyone and I couldn't recommend it enough. This adventure was hands down the top adventure of our summer.


Where the city of Thunder Bay sits is an area that has been occupied and travelled for hundreds of years. A land rich in minerals, logs, fish and resources the land was first occupied by Aboriginal Anishinabewaki peoples - then used as a vital link in the Fur trade, then later as a link between the east and the west connecting the Great Lakes with the railbed bringing grains, lumber and corn from the prairie and western provinces.

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