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Hiking Gear Tips

Updated: Dec 10, 2021

You don’t need fancy gear to enjoy the outdoors. I’ll say it again 🗣 YOU DONT NEED EXPENSIVE GEAR TO GO OUTSIDE.

Don’t get intimidated by the picture perfect Instagram accounts featuring all the brand names. You don’t need them.

9/10 I hike in clothing I got at the thrift store or clothes that are a part of my daily wardrobe.

I will say get yourself a decent pair of hiking boots because your feet are extremely important and a good quality boot will pay itself off. If you are carrying a baby a quality carrier is absolutely necessary as well but that’s it.

Don’t think you need to get top of the line pants, shirts, socks, hats, water bottles and all the gadgets outdoors accounts pack in their backpacks. Those things are great and if you can afford it knock yourself out but you don’t need it.

The important part is getting outside, get out and explore and don’t feel intimidated or underprepared because you don’t have brand name gear or clothing specifically marketed for hiking.

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